Do Timeshare Cancellation Companies Work?

Do Timeshare Cancellation Companies Work?

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By now you have probably seen advertisements online or on television from timeshare cancellation companies that guarantee to get you out of your timeshare. This is a rapidly growing industry with more and more of these exit companies popping up every day, but can they all be trusted? This is becoming an all-too-common question, as there have been a number of timeshare exit companies who have not held up to the integrity standards of other industries. And although these dishonorable companies exist in this field, there are legitimate options out there such as the early pioneer of the industry Wesley Financial Group, LLC who have proven that there are legitimate options that do work.

Why Do You Need A Cancellation Company?

While getting into a timeshare can be quite easy, getting out of one can be the complete opposite. Becoming a timeshare owner can actually be so easy that oftentimes a lot of the small notes and details in the agreement are overlooked when signing up for one. Timeshare owners often grow tiresome in emptying out their bank accounts for these properties that they were misled into. Whether it’s the ever increasing maintenance and assessment fees, or something else, eventually owners begin looking for a way out. Sometimes timeshare buyers are left completely unaware of the yearly fees they are responsible for in perpetuity (forever). 

Timeshare companies typically have a very short rescission period after signing up where you can legally cancel with no hassle, but if you miss this window it becomes tenfold more strenuous. Contacting a timeshare cancellation company is a great option if you have missed the rescission period. Their team of representatives will take you through each step and closely assist in the process of terminating your timeshare. However, you want to make sure you are working with a trustworthy timeshare exit company.

Stay Away From Scams

As if there weren’t enough deceitful acts happening in the timeshare industry already, now there are resale and exit companies looking to prey upon and scam the same innocent and unsuspecting people who were taken advantage of by the timeshare companies. Victims of timeshare cancellation fraud typically express the tactics used on them to be eerily similar to those of the timeshare companies that swindled them in the first place. Many of these companies will make ridiculous promises that they can rarely keep and charge up-front fees worth thousands of dollars, before they even know all the details of your timeshare situation. If an exit company does not offer a 100% money-back guarantee, that should be a red flag that they could be trying to take advantage of you and it is best to stay away from these types of timeshare exit companies.

If an exit or resell company cold calls you, beware that they are most likely just trying to make as much money off of you as possible. It is not in your best interest to work with them.

Due to a lack of other legitimate options, seeking help from a timeshare cancellation company can still be beneficial if you do the proper research to find a trustworthy ally in this industry. While there are several companies out there who damage the character of this industry, others — like Wesley Financial Group, LLC — continue to push forward and provide honorable service to clients in need.

Legitimate Options

A timeshare exit company that you can trust will provide you with a team of people whose sole focus will be to terminate your timeshare unit and relieve you of any financial stress that it may be causing. Finding reputable timeshare exit businesses does not have to be a difficult process. You just have to avoid the scams mentioned above and do your due diligence in researching third-party companies to cancel your timeshare. A good place to always start your research is with personal reviews and testimonials from former clients. Hearing stories from past customers can give you an idea if they work with cases similar to your own and is a great indicator of their success rate.

After doing your homework on a company like Wesley Financial Group, LLC you will know that you are hiring a dependable and honest timeshare cancellation company to assist in getting you out of your timeshare. Everyone’s timeshare case is different, so they won’t guarantee you anything until they have talked with you in detail and ensured that they can help you. And they won’t disappear on you, they’ll continue to work with you every step of the way until the termination of your timeshare is complete. They also offer a 100% money back guarantee if they are unable to cancel your timeshare for any reason. 

Do Timeshare Cancellation Companies Work?

If you have experienced problems with your timeshare or feel that you were misled into purchasing one, contacting a cancellation company such as this one will give you the comfort of knowing you are working with a legitimate business that won’t take advantage of you.


When looking for a way out of your timeshare, it is very important that you do thorough research and don’t jump on the first exit company that reaches out to you. Trustworthy cancellation companies are out there ready to assist you properly and legally, so do not let others diminish the groundwork that has been laid by companies like Wesley Financial Group, LLC. Cancellation companies can work and can help alleviate you of any financial hardship caused by timeshare obligations.