How much does it cost to cancel my timeshare?

How much does it cost to cancel my timeshare?

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For most timeshare owners, the realization that money is tight comes all too fast after purchasing their timeshare. So when it comes to getting their timeshare cancelled, just how much money are they going to spend? Well, it’s a tough question that could be answered very differently from person to person.

Everyone’s timeshare situation is different. For some, they’ve been stuck with their timeshare for decades, and others might be a month in realizing they were tricked into making a very poor choice. These are the sort of factors that a timeshare cancellation company will go over with you after you reach out to them for a consultation.

When reaching out to a cancellation company like Wesley Financial Group, LLC, not only will you get a free consultation, but you’re also going to enter a very thorough screening process in which a representative will take into account a lot of variables about your timeshare in order to determine a cost for your cancellation.

Here are a few questions you should take into account when thinking about the price of your cancellation:

–What timeshare company did you make your purchase with?

–How long has it been since you signed the agreement on your timeshare?

–Do you have a monthly payment or have you paid your timeshare off?

–How much do you owe in maintenance fees or how much do they increase every year?

After you go through the consultation, you will then receive a price based on the factors above, as well as any stated specifics that are in your timeshare agreement. It’s tough to say just how high or low that number could be, because it obviously varies depending on the situation that each timeshare owner is in. The most important thing to look for, even more so than price, is the 100% money back guarantee that a consumer advocate company like Wesley Financial Group, LLC offers. That way once you see your quoted cancellation price, if you move forward in the process and your timeshare is unable to get cancelled, you will get a full refund.

How do I cancel a timeshare?

Getting rid of your timeshare is not a simple task, but exit companies can give you peace of mind that someone else is going to work for you everyday and not back down from the timeshare industry. However, you will need a cancellation company that will not outsource your case to a law firm, housing attorney or other third party companies.

When working with a legitimate timeshare cancellation company, you will notice that they lay out a step-by-step process to work towards helping you cancel. Let’s take a closer look at the remaining steps you would go through after reaching out for a consultation with a timeshare exit team.

Account Review

This is where a qualification specialist meets with you to make sure that you qualify for a timeshare exit. A lot of times the aspects of your timeshare agreement (or timeshare mortgage) that may have been brought to the surface in the free consultation, are also talked about deeper here. In this step, the specialist will also create your file and assist you in having your account approved for a guaranteed cancellation.

How much does it cost to cancel my timeshare?

Account Resolution

This is where a resolution specialist helps owners permanently terminate their timeshare. The customer is assigned a single point of contact and receives around the clock customer service which includes updates about the status of their cancellation. This process could take anywhere from a few months to over a year, it fully depends on the situation you’re in and the type of timeshare company you’re dealing with.


This is the final step of your process where you receive confirmation that your timeshare has been terminated and you’re free of being tied down to any timeshare company.  This is the step everyone looks forward to just because of how gratifying it can be!

Is it hard to cancel a timeshare?

Before anyone wants to put money down, they always want to know what their chances of success are going to be. It’s pure human nature. In all reality, many people who have been lied to or misled in the sales process of buying their timeshare tend to find cancelling their timeshare a lot easier. If a timeshare exit company can find evidence of this, the wait time to get a timeshare terminated is usually shorter.

The reason it’s so tough to know whether cancelling a timeshare will be hard or not, is mainly because it depends on the situation of the timeshare owner, timeshare agreement and timeshare laws in said state. If you purchase your timeshare and decide to cancel it soon after, you may be able to take advantage of something called a rescission period. At the maximum, this is usually a two-week allotment where you can cancel your timeshare by reaching out to the company you purchased it from. If you are fresh into your agreement, you should start the process of cancellation immediately, by contacting your timeshare company. On the other hand, if you’re years into your unit, you’re much better off exploring the options previously mentioned above, because your rescission period has expired. 


Timeshare owners can all agree on one thing – paying thousands of dollars towards their timeshare contracts, annual maintenance fees and service fees is ridiculous and it’s only fueling timeshare companies even more. The good news is that due to rapidly increasing maintenance fees and other hidden costs, it is always much cheaper to cancel a timeshare than to keep it!

The best way to cancel your timeshare and get rid of owning a timeshare is through timeshare exit companies. While many people try to tell you to just walk away, use timeshare transfer companies or list your timeshare for sale, cancellation is the only way to get your name off of the bottom line and stop paying timeshare developers.

The sales tactics that some timeshare brokers use on innocent clients are baffling. The good news? Timeshare cancellation teams like Wesley Financial Group, LLC would like to give you the option to get rid of a timeshare. 

Wesley Financial Group, LLC is a legitimate timeshare cancellation company that offers a customized exit process for each timeshare owner. Their customized approach is exactly why they have the highest success rate for timeshare cancellation in the country and why they have over 1,500 reviews. For more information on their services or to get a quote for a timeshare cancellation, visit their website.