Think Big: Wesley Financial, Phone Scam Slayers Help Overcome Timeshare Fraud

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If you are the victim of timeshare fraud, seek help from Wesley Financial. Phone Scam or otherwise, it can be difficult to overcome challenges you may face when you’ve been ‘taken for a ride’. It isn’t anything out of the ordinary to discover that you’ve been taken advantage of in a timeshare. It can happen to anyone. With Wesley Financial, phone scams related to timeshares or otherwise, we can help you get out of timeshare fraud. An article published online in describes 5 ways to overcome challenges in life. They are useful to consider for those who have been duped by the timeshare industry. Let’s take a look.

“Think big”

The article starts off by encouraging others to “think big”. Professor Greg Whyte states, “The biggest barrier to achieving success is often ourselves and those around us. How often have you thought about doing something challenging and find yourself saying: ‘I’ll never be able to achieve that!’ More often, in my experience, it is the lack of support from those closest to you, your family and friends, who play the critical role in halting a challenge before it has even begun. ‘There’s no way you can do that’ is a classic response to the presentation of a potential challenge to friends and family that leads to the first and most important risk to your challenge.” (Whyte, 2015). With the help of Wesley Financial, phone scam, online scam, or otherwise, those dealing with timeshare fraud can win the fight.

Whyte suggests, “Overcoming this first barrier and identifying your challenge is the first step on your road to success. Make sure the challenge is important to you, that you have the time to commit to the planning, preparation and delivery of the challenge, and that you have the resources to deliver success (money, equipment etc). Having established your challenge, then you should go public and let family, friends and colleagues know what you are aiming to achieve – a challenge shared is a challenge halved!” (Whyte, 2015). If you are trying to fight timeshare fraud, contact Wesley Financial. Phone scam or otherwise, you can overcome your timeshare problems with our help.

“Set goals”

The second suggestion is to “set goals”. Whyte states, “Major challenges can often appear unachievable when viewed as a whole. The key to delivering success is to dissect the challenge into a number of smaller steps which together lead to the delivery of your challenge. Each small step can be viewed as a short-term goal. Combining a number of short-term goals leads to the delivery of a medium-term goal, and combining medium-term goals leads to the completion of your journey, the delivery of your long-term goal (your challenge) and success. Goal-setting is relatively simple if you follow a few simple rules. A goal should be challenging but achievable – it is important that you establish your goals at the beginning and make sure they are outside your comfort zone; don’t set your sights low. In addition, make sure that the goal is measurable so you can monitor your progress on a regular basis. And most importantly, celebrate success. When you achieve a goal, make sure to smell the roses!” (Whyte, 2015). Celebrating the little successes are just as important as the big successes. The little things do make a difference. For instance, a small but important success is in the simple act of reaching out for help. Reach out to Wesley Financial. Phone scam, online scam, or otherwise, we’ve seen it all.

“Brain power”

The next point is “brain power”. “Most of the challenges we take on appear entirely physical in nature – losing weight, running a marathon, developing a beach body – but the brain is central to the delivery of success whatever the challenge. It is rarely our physical selves that stop us from achieving a major challenge. More often it is our loss of belief, commitment and motivation that leads to failure. This psychological trio works together in harmony to keep you on the road to success. Believing you can achieve your goal provides the foundations in overcoming your challenge. With belief comes a commitment to investing the time, effort and resources to make sure you continue to deliver your short-term goals, and repeated success in delivering your goals increases your motivation which, in turn, increases your belief in your abilities to deliver your long-term goal. Making sure you pay attention to your brain performance throughout your challenge will optimize your chances of delivering your physical goals.” (Whyte, 2015). At Wesley Financial, phone scam or otherwise, we use “brain power”.

“Leave no stone unturned”

Whyte continues, “Achieving a major goal is rarely simply about delivering on a single determinant of performance. The road to a successful challenge requires the optimisation of a range of performance variables simultaneously. For example, achieving a better physique is not simply about doing more sit-ups! You must improve your diet, increase your strength and endurance training, optimize your sleep and recovery etc. So, having committed to the challenge, you must construct a plan to optimize each of the areas required to deliver success.

In addition to those determinants required to deliver success, there will also be risks that negatively impact on performance. For example, if your goal is to stop smoking, a common risk comes from friends who do not share your enthusiasm and continually offer you cigarettes. Making sure you have a plan to address any risks when they arise is vital. The more detailed the plan, the greater your chances of success. If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail! Do not leave anything to chance; success is not a chance event. (Whyte, 2015). With Wesley Financial, phone scam or otherwise, we “leave no stone unturned”. At Wesley Financial, phone scam or else, we go forward.

“Signing the contract”

The last suggestion that Professor Whyte gives is to “sign a contract” with yourself. It is a different and unique approach to ensuring that you go forward with something. “Making a contract with yourself to deliver success is particularly valuable when you are struggling with belief, commitment and/or motivation. By formalizing an arrangement detailing your goal and when you will deliver it, you are much more likely to be successful. This may seem a slightly bizarre approach, but the more formal the contract, the greater the chances of delivering on your commitment to it. Your contract raises the selective importance of your goal and provides the necessary motivation to persist with the appropriate amount of work until you have delivered success. Asking a third party, someone close to you, to witness the contract will raise the importance of the contract and the responsibility on you to deliver success. Having made a contract place in a public place, like the fridge. This will increase the importance of your commitment to the contract and raise the profile of the reward once you deliver success. Here is an example of a personal contract for weight-management that you could adapt for your own challenge.” (Whyte, 2015). Whether you want to sign a contract with yourself or not, it is one thing to move forward to solve issues with your timeshare. Contact Wesley Financial today so we can help you overcome your timeshare problems.

Ultimately, the 5 ways mentioned are useful in a number of areas in life. They are also helpful to those who are trying to get rid of their timeshare problems. If you or someone you know is the victim of timeshare fraud, contact Wesley Financial. Phone scam predators will be put in their place as we help you overcome your timeshare issues.

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