Chuck McDowell – CEO

Getting Through Timeshare Troubles with Our Pets by Our Side

When things we thought we’d enjoy take a turn for the worse, and our animals are still there by our side. This can include when you have been deceived in a timeshare. Can animals tell us when someone isn’t trustworthy? Wouldn’t that be nice? We’ve all had a dog or cat that seems to act strangely around certain people. Is there any scientific reason behind this? Are we going on a witch hunt if we start deciding whether people are good or not depending on if our dog or cat likes them? Perhaps we are. Nevertheless, studies have suggested that our pets may be able to sense our moods. Does it make a difference whether the pet is a cat or a dog?

Wesley Financial CEO, Chuck McDowell leads an experienced team of timeshare fraud slayers.

In case you missed it, there is a hot topic that has been debated for some time – whether you are a dog or cat person. Turns out that being either supposedly says a lot about who you are as a human being. Various magazines, newspapers, and blogs have written about this hotly-debated topic. It’s interesting to delve into this topic and take a look for ourselves. Our President & CEO, Chuck McDowell happens to own a dog, cat, and chickens. So, do people like our own Chuck McDowell tend to share a mixture of both personality types? On a more serious note, can animals sense things about people? It’s been said that our pets can pick up on our moods.

So, are you a dog or cat person? Are you both? If you’re neither, that’s okay too. You may even have a few different pets like Chuck McDowell. If anything, supposedly there is something to be said about whether you are a more inclined towards cats or dogs.

Cat People & Dog People

Whether you have a cat, dog, or both, like Chuck McDowell, owning one or the other may say something about your personality. In an article in Insider titled, “Whether you’re a ‘cat person’ or ‘dog person’ says a lot about your personality,” writer Louis Baragona observes what recent studies have said about your personality based on your pet ownership. Many of us have feelings about what type of personality quirks either party may have. This is usually biased because more often than not, many of us own one or the other. That’s why we need impartial and unbiased judges, such as our President & CEO Chuck McDowell, who is both an owner of a cat and dog.

One thing we can gather from these interesting tidbits about pet ownership is what Baragona says in Insider, “Though certain personality traits may differ depending on whether you’re a dog person or a cat person, pets still mean the world to their owners. They’re important enough that they may influence certain activities or decisions, but whether you’re a dog person or a cat person, you share one thing in common: love for your furry friend.” (Baragona, 2018).

Can Pets Sense Their Owner’s Mood?

What if animals have certain instincts, and are able to tell what their owner’s moods are? If you have been taken for a ride on a timeshare, this can affect your mood dramatically. Perhaps your pet, whether a cat, dog or otherwise, can tell that you are not in the best of hearts as a result. Or if you own different pets like Chuck McDowell, they may pick up on how you are feeling. According to an article on BBC Earth titled, “Your cat can pick up on how you are feeling”, your cat can pick up on your mood. ” They seem to be able to tell when we are happy. New research has found the first strong evidence that cats are sensitive to human emotional gestures.” The articles further detail the study. “When faced with a smiling owner, the cats were significantly more likely to perform “positive” behaviors such as purring, rubbing or sitting on their owner’s lap. They also seemed to want to spend more time close to their owner when they were smiling than when the owner was frowning.” (Wylie, 2015).

“The pattern was completely different when the 12 cats were presented with strangers, instead of their owners. In this setup, they showed the same amount of positive behavior, regardless of whether the person was smiling or frowning. The results suggest two things: cats can read human facial expressions, and they learn this ability over time.” (Wylie, 2015).

A pet can read our feelings, and Wesley Financial CEO, Chuck McDowell knows the pain that timeshare fraud victims feel, too.

So, what about the dog people out there? Do dogs know how we are feeling? Can they perceive when we are sad? Another article, this time from Live Science, looks at whether dogs can understand when we are sad. Author Stephanie Pappas wrote that researcher and psychologist Deborah Custance and her colleague Jennifer Mayer conducted a study with dogs and their owners. “They recruited 18 pet dogs and their owners to test whether dogs would respond to crying with empathetic behaviors. The dogs included a mix of mutts, Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, and a few other common breeds.” (Pappas, 2012).

Pappas then details the experiment itself: “The experiment took place in the owners’ living rooms. Mayer would arrive and ignore the dog so that it would have little interest in her. Then she and the owner would take turns talking, fake-crying and humming. Of the 18 dogs in the study, 15 approached their owner or Mayer during crying fits, while only six approached during humming. That suggests that it’s emotional content, not curiosity, that brings the dogs running. Likewise, the dogs always approached the crying person, never the quiet person, as one might expect if the dog was seeking (rather than trying to provide) comfort.” (Pappas, 2012).

It’s quite interesting to see the studies conducted to see whether cats and dogs can sense their owner’s feelings. Are you a cat or a dog person? No matter what your preference, based on the studies, it is likely your pet can sense your feelings or at least pick up on your facial expressions.

Chuck McDowell’s Triumph During Tough Times

Chuck McDowell was sued by Wyndham and overcame that lawsuit successfully. He decided to do what was right and stick up for those who were being deceived by certain people in the timeshare industry. Many of our clients today at Wesley Financial Group are just like the clients that Chuck McDowell stood up for in the past. Today he is our President & CEO, as well as a family man and a pet owner. We’re sure that some of our clients have probably had the burden of their timeshare woes lightened a little by the joy that pets have brought into their lives. One thing that’s wonderful about pets is the way that they bring immeasurable joy into our lives, whether we know whether they can sense how we are feeling.

Whether you are a cat person, dog person, animal lover, or don’t have pets, it’s interesting to look at how huge of a role these animals play in our lives and in our everyday society. If you have an issue that is bothering you, such as a deception involving your timeshare, often it can manifest itself to affect you in your everyday life. So much so that even your pets may be able to tell that something isn’t right. At times like these, reach out to Wesley Financial Group for assistance. Chuck McDowell, our President & CEO, has a few pets, and we can guarantee that whether or not you are a pet-owner as well, we will do our utmost to help you. If the furry members of your family can tell that something is wrong, it’s truly time to do something about it. Contact our offices today for a free consultation.

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