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Tricks of the Trade & Tricksters: Overcoming Timeshare Deception with Wesley Financial Group Chuck McDowell

When we hear the phrase ‘tricks of the trade’ we think of something lighthearted that we may say from time to time. But there are polar viewpoints that can be taken with the phrase. Generally, there is a positive connotation with that phrase. ‘Tricks of the trade’ denotes a skill set that is specific to a particular area or line of work. Negatively-speaking, ‘tricks of the trade’ could be a phrase used to denote when someone is using actual tricks to get ahead. Then there’s the idea of tricksters who use tricks of the trade for their own benefit. At Wesley Financial Group Chuck McDowell, we dislike tricksters just as much as the next person does. Tricksters use ‘tricks of the trade’ to get what they want, kind of life those who commit timeshare fraud against innocent consumers.

Negative ‘Tricks of the Trade’

The CEO of Wesley Financial Group, Chuck McDowell, is a pioneer of righteous fabric that helps victims.

If we take the phrase ‘tricks of the trade’ from a negative interpretation, we focus on actual tricks. Tricks can be synonymous with negativity, although some tricks are meant to be playful. Tricks can also be used to deceive. In the timeshare industry, many people have fallen victim to timeshare scams that make them pay for an upgrade or purchase a timeshare using deceptive sales tactics. Wesley Financial Group Chuck McDowell knows the tricks that such timeshare companies use to lure people in. We understand that you didn’t think that you were getting into anything that was deceptive. With the help of Wesley Financial Group, Chuck McDowell believes it’s time to realize you are in the hands of a company that can help you. ‘Tricks of the trade’ may have been used against you, but we can use our positive ‘tricks of the trade’ to help you out of your timeshare scam.

Tricksters in Fairy Tales & Myths

We grew up hearing fairy tales of tricksters who harmed people. Tricksters in myths and folklore span cultures worldwide. Animals symbolism in various cultures often show foxes or other creatures and mythic tricksters. Tricksters are represented as those who are not to be trusted. In European Folklore, we see the recurring theme of the witch or other figures as usually someone who plays tricks and deceives unwitting and innocent people and children. Hansel and Gretel were lured into a beautiful cottage with candy, only to be trapped into that cottage by an evil witch. The Pied Piper of Hamlin lured children away from their homes with his flute. These tricksters permeate our myths, fairy tales, and folk stories. Although the protagonists in these stories are usually children, they can represent or symbolize innocent adults who are like children when coming face to face with being taken advantage of. Occasionally, someone comes along to help the protagonist, someone like Wesley Financial Group Chuck McDowell. We’re here to help you. But in fairy tales, myths, and folklore, sometimes the protagonists need to do things on their own.

Hansel & Gretel

‘Hansel & Gretel’ is a popular story about children who are deceived by an evil witch. Most of us are familiar with this story. Hansel and Gretel come upon the witch’s cottage in the middle of the woods. The evil witch’s house is made up of delicious treats and candies. The evil witch lures the children into her cottage and captures them. She deceived the children by making it appear that the cottage was made of candy, and she tricked them with promises of all sorts of treats. As a victim of timeshare fraud, you may have been deceived like Hansel & Gretel. You were lured into timeshare fraud by deceptive acts and appearances that were false. You may be like the children, insofar that you were innocent and had no reason to feel that someone would betray your trust. It’s obvious that in ‘Hansel & Gretel’ the evil witch can represent those in the timeshare industry who are out to lure and deceive consumers about purchasing or even upgrading a timeshare. The core mission of the CEO of Wesley Financial Group, Chuck McDowell, is to help you escape a timeshare that may have been like the evil witch’s candy cottage, innocently lured into the timeshare believing that it was something that it wasn’t. This is like the deception used on Hansel and Gretel.

The Pied Piper of Hamlin

The ‘Pied Piper of Hamelin’ is another trickster story about a piper tricking children to come into a cave. (Although pied piper may be familiar to some because of the 1960s song, ‘The Pied Piper”.) In the fairy tale the ‘Pied Piper of Hamelin’, the pied piper is hired to get rid of a town’s rat infestation. The pied piper gets rid of the town’s rats, but the town doesn’t pay him for his services. When the town doesn’t pay, he decides to get back at the town by taking their children. The piper plays his magical flute and gets the children to follow him into a cave. There, the cave is sealed shut. The town is very upset, but a few children who could not follow the pied piper manage to save the day. These children tell the adults where the piper has taken the other children, and everyone returns home safely.

In this tale, we see parallels between the mischievous piper and those who perpetrate timeshare scams. Deceptive sales tactics may try and trick you into following the pied piper into his lair, like timeshare fraud may lure you into purchasing timeshares. Like the children, you were innocent in believing that there wasn’t anything wrong with timeshare company and employees that deceived you. Even the CEO of Wesley Financial Group, Chuck McDowell, can assure you that we’ll help you escape from the pied piper’s cave and help you with your timeshare woes.

Getting Tricksters Back at the Their Own Game

If one thing’s for certain, it’s that tricksters have it coming. When we look at the fairy tales, folktales, and myths that deal with tricksters, they never really win in the end. Take for instance the evil witch in ‘Hansel and Gretel’, she thought she was clever by using tricks to lure the children. However, Gretel outsmarted her and was able to set her brother Hansel free. In the ‘Pied Piper of Hamelin’, children who remained in the village were able to save the other children.

Your best friend in the case of timeshare fraud is the founder of Wesley Financial Group, Chuck McDowell.

Chuck McDowell created Wesley Financial Group to stop timeshare tricksters from taking advantage of consumers. Wesley Financial Group and Chuck McDowell remain a staple leader in the timeshare advocacy industry. Although pied pipers and evil witches may be the stuff of bedtime stories we read as children, there is something to be gleaned from these stories as adults. The lessons teach us that we need to be careful, but that tricksters don’t win. They’ll be getting what’s coming to them. Reach out to Wesley Financial Group Chuck McDowell to assist with your timeshare problems. If you’ve been tricked into purchasing or upgrading your timeshare, we can help you. Schedule an appointment with our team so we can keep the tricksters at bay and help you out of a trap. Watch out for the evil witches and pied pipers out there. There are not so easy to spot nowadays.